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# Copyright 2017 Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab, MIPT
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from logging import getLogger
from typing import Dict

import numpy as np

from deeppavlov.core.common.registry import register
from deeppavlov.core.models.component import Component
from deeppavlov.core.models.nn_model import NNModel
from import Seq2SeqGoalOrientedBotNetwork

log = getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@register("seq2seq_go_bot") class Seq2SeqGoalOrientedBot(NNModel): """ A goal-oriented bot based on a sequence-to-sequence rnn. For implementation details see :class:``. Pretrained for :class:`~deeppavlov.dataset_readers.kvret_reader.KvretDatasetReader` dataset. Parameters: network_parameters: parameters passed to object of :class:`` class. embedder: word embeddings model, see :doc:`deeppavlov.models.embedders </apiref/models/embedders>`. source_vocab: vocabulary of input tokens. target_vocab: vocabulary of bot response tokens. start_of_sequence_token: token that defines start of input sequence. end_of_sequence_token: token that defines end of input sequence and start of output sequence. debug: whether to display debug output. **kwargs: parameters passed to parent :class:`~deeppavlov.core.models.nn_model.NNModel` class. """ def __init__(self, network_parameters: Dict, embedder: Component, source_vocab: Component, target_vocab: Component, start_of_sequence_token: str, end_of_sequence_token: str, knowledge_base_keys, save_path: str, load_path: str = None, debug: bool = False, **kwargs) -> None: super().__init__(save_path=save_path, load_path=load_path, **kwargs) self.embedder = embedder self.embedding_size = embedder.dim self.src_vocab = source_vocab self.tgt_vocab = target_vocab self.tgt_vocab_size = len(target_vocab) self.kb_keys = knowledge_base_keys self.kb_size = len(self.kb_keys) self.sos_token = start_of_sequence_token self.eos_token = end_of_sequence_token self.debug = debug network_parameters['load_path'] = load_path network_parameters['save_path'] = save_path = self._init_network(network_parameters) def _init_network(self, params): if 'target_start_of_sequence_index' not in params: params['target_start_of_sequence_index'] = self.tgt_vocab[self.sos_token] if 'target_end_of_sequence_index' not in params: params['target_end_of_sequence_index'] = self.tgt_vocab[self.eos_token] if 'source_vocab_size' not in params: params['source_vocab_size'] = len(self.src_vocab) if 'target_vocab_size' not in params: params['target_vocab_size'] = len(self.tgt_vocab) # contruct matrix of knowledge bases values embeddings params['knowledge_base_entry_embeddings'] = \ [self._embed_kb_key(val) for val in self.kb_keys] # contrcust matrix of decoder input token embeddings (zeros for sos_token) dec_embs = self.embedder([[self.tgt_vocab[idx] for idx in range(self.tgt_vocab_size)]])[0] dec_embs[self.tgt_vocab[self.sos_token]][:] = 0. params['decoder_embeddings'] = dec_embs return Seq2SeqGoalOrientedBotNetwork(**params) def _embed_kb_key(self, key): # TODO: fasttext embedder to work with tokens emb = np.array(self.embedder([key.split('_')], mean=True)[0]) if self.debug: log.debug("embedding key tokens='{}', embedding shape = {}" .format(key.split('_'), emb.shape)) return emb def train_on_batch(self, utters, history_list, kb_entry_list, responses): b_enc_ins, b_src_lens = [], [] b_dec_ins, b_dec_outs, b_tgt_lens = [], [], [] for x_tokens, history, y_tokens in zip(utters, history_list, responses): x_tokens = history + x_tokens enc_in = self._encode_context(x_tokens) b_enc_ins.append(enc_in) b_src_lens.append(len(enc_in)) dec_in, dec_out = self._encode_response(y_tokens) b_dec_ins.append(dec_in) b_dec_outs.append(dec_out) b_tgt_lens.append(len(dec_out)) # Sequence padding batch_size = len(b_enc_ins) max_src_len = max(b_src_lens) max_tgt_len = max(b_tgt_lens) # b_enc_ins_np = self.src_vocab[self.sos_token] *\ # np.ones((batch_size, max_src_len), dtype=np.float32) b_enc_ins_np = np.zeros((batch_size, max_src_len, self.embedding_size), dtype=np.float32) b_dec_ins_np = self.tgt_vocab[self.eos_token] * \ np.ones((batch_size, max_tgt_len), dtype=np.float32) b_dec_outs_np = self.tgt_vocab[self.eos_token] * \ np.ones((batch_size, max_tgt_len), dtype=np.float32) b_tgt_weights_np = np.zeros((batch_size, max_tgt_len), dtype=np.float32) b_kb_masks_np = np.zeros((batch_size, self.kb_size), np.float32) for i, (src_len, tgt_len, kb_entries) in \ enumerate(zip(b_src_lens, b_tgt_lens, kb_entry_list)): b_enc_ins_np[i, :src_len] = b_enc_ins[i] b_dec_ins_np[i, :tgt_len] = b_dec_ins[i] b_dec_outs_np[i, :tgt_len] = b_dec_outs[i] b_tgt_weights_np[i, :tgt_len] = 1. if self.debug: if len(kb_entries) != len(set([e[0] for e in kb_entries])): log.debug("Duplicates in kb_entries = {}".format(kb_entries)) for k, v in kb_entries: b_kb_masks_np[i, self.kb_keys.index(k)] = 1. """if self.debug: log.debug("b_enc_ins = {}".format(b_enc_ins)) log.debug("b_dec_ins = {}".format(b_dec_ins)) log.debug("b_dec_outs = {}".format(b_dec_outs)) log.debug("b_src_lens = {}".format(b_src_lens)) log.debug("b_tgt_lens = {}".format(b_tgt_lens)) log.debug("b_tgt_weights = {}".format(b_tgt_weights))""" return, b_dec_ins_np, b_dec_outs_np, b_src_lens, b_tgt_lens, b_tgt_weights_np, b_kb_masks_np) def _encode_context(self, tokens): if self.debug: log.debug("Context tokens = \"{}\"".format(tokens)) # token_idxs = self.src_vocab([tokens])[0] # return token_idxs return np.array(self.embedder([tokens])[0]) def _encode_response(self, tokens): if self.debug: log.debug("Response tokens = \"{}\"".format(tokens)) token_idxs = [] for token in tokens: if token in self.kb_keys: token_idxs.append(self.tgt_vocab_size + self.kb_keys.index(token)) else: token_idxs.append(self.tgt_vocab[token]) # token_idxs = self.tgt_vocab([tokens])[0] return ([self.tgt_vocab[self.sos_token]] + token_idxs, token_idxs + [self.tgt_vocab[self.eos_token]]) def _decode_response(self, token_idxs): def _idx2token(idxs): for idx in idxs: if idx < self.tgt_vocab_size: token = self.tgt_vocab([[idx]])[0][0] if token == self.eos_token: break yield token else: yield self.kb_keys[idx - self.tgt_vocab_size] return [list(_idx2token(utter_idxs)) for utter_idxs in token_idxs] def __call__(self, *batch): return self._infer_on_batch(*batch) # def _infer_on_batch(self, utters, kb_entry_list=itertools.repeat([])): def _infer_on_batch(self, utters, history_list, kb_entry_list): b_enc_ins, b_src_lens = [], [] if (len(utters) == 1) and not utters[0]: utters = [['hi']] for utter, history in zip(utters, history_list): utter = history + utter enc_in = self._encode_context(utter) b_enc_ins.append(enc_in) b_src_lens.append(len(enc_in)) # Sequence padding batch_size = len(b_enc_ins) max_src_len = max(b_src_lens) b_enc_ins_np = np.zeros((batch_size, max_src_len, self.embedding_size), dtype=np.float32) b_kb_masks_np = np.zeros((batch_size, self.kb_size), dtype=np.float32) for i, (src_len, kb_entries) in enumerate(zip(b_src_lens, kb_entry_list)): b_enc_ins_np[i, :src_len] = b_enc_ins[i] if self.debug: log.debug("infer: kb_entries = {}".format(kb_entries)) for k, v in kb_entries: b_kb_masks_np[i, self.kb_keys.index(k)] = 1. pred_idxs =, b_src_lens, b_kb_masks_np) preds = self._decode_response(pred_idxs) if self.debug: log.debug("Dialog prediction = \"{}\"".format(preds[-1])) return preds def save(self): def load(self): pass