class deeppavlov.core.models.component.Component, save_path: str, load_path: str, entropy_fields: list, min_similarity: float = 0.5, min_entropy: float = 0.5, **kwargs)[source]

Class to retrieve product items from load_path catalogs in sorted order according to the similarity measure Retrieve the specification attributes with corresponding values in sorted order according to entropy.

  • preprocess – text preprocessing component
  • save_path – path to save a model
  • load_path – path to load a model
  • entropy_fields – the specification attributes of the catalog items
  • min_similarity – similarity threshold for ranking
  • min_entropy – min entropy threshold for specifying
fit(data: List[Dict[Any, Any]]) → None[source]

Preprocess items title and description from the data

Parameters:data – list of catalog items
load(**kwargs) → None[source]

Load classifier parameters

save(**kwargs) → None[source]

Save classifier parameters