Telegram integration

Any model specified by a DeepPavlov config can be launched as a Telegram bot. You can do it using command line interface or using python.

Command line interface

To run a model specified by the <config_path> config file as a Telegram bot with a <telegram_token>:

python -m deeppavlov telegram <config_path> [-t <telegram_token>] [-d]
  • -t <telegram_token>: specifies telegram token as <telegram_token>. Overrides default value from deeppavlov/utils/settings/server_config.json.

  • -d: downloads model specific data before starting the service.

The command will print info message Bot initiated when starts bot.

/start and /help Telegram bot messages can be modified via changing telegram.start_message and telegram.help_message in deeppavlov/utils/settings/server_config.json.


To run a model specified by a DeepPavlov config <config_path> as Telegram bot, you have to run following code:

from deeppavlov.utils.telegram import interact_model_by_telegram

interact_model_by_telegram(model_config=<config_path>, token=<telegram_token>)